About the Singing Vegan

Traci singing vegan photoTraci grew up around music. Her father (Jerry Styner) was a songwriter and record producer in LA. As a child Traci would hang out (and occasionally sing) in recording studios.  Then a junior high choral teacher turned singing into a terrible chore, and Traci stopped singing. In her 30s, she joined a church choir and rediscovered the joy of singing.

Traci started cooking at age 10. At 14 she became vegetarian, and was soon doing most of the cooking for the family. In 2007 she went vegan and never looked back.

Traci moved to Guatemala in 2011 and opened the only vegan destination at Lake Atitlan, Lake Villa Guatemala.

A few months after moving to Guatemala, Traci met Mark, a lifelong musician, at a singing group he was leading. He won her over on their first date by preparing a vegan lunch. They married in 2014.

In addition to performing music around Lake Atitlan, Mark and Traci cook together, take guests on tours of Lake Atitlan, and enjoy nature through hiking, biking, and kayaking.

3 thoughts on “About the Singing Vegan”

  1. Hi trace! I go to Guatemala twice a year and many time to Beautiful Atitlan, where is your restaurant and what the name?

    1. I don’t have a restaurant. I still host vegan retreats at Lake Villa Guatemala, but I’m mostly in Panajachel now. I do sing two nights a week at Guajimbos on Santander in Pana.

  2. Hi Traci,
    I enjoyed your piece about Santa Catarina. Hope to be going to Pana next winter. Tresham has civic duties that last one more year, so we can’t be gone for long. Love your Facebook posts.

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