Legends of Cerro de Oro and The Little Prince

Cerro de Oro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

French author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was taking off from the Guatemala City airport in February, 1938, on his way to South America. The airplane, accidentally overloaded with fuel, crashed about 10 miles from the airport; the plane was destroyed and Saint-Exupéry was seriously injured. He spent time in La Antigua recovering from his injuries. While … Read more

Solar Power in Guatemala and the Best and Worst in Customer Service

installation of our solar energy system in Guatemala showed us the best and worst of customer service

For the first time in the eight months since our solar power was installed, the system is humming along, generating power and selling back to the grid. Our experience with the installation of a photovoltaic solar energy system on our B&B at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala was filled with challenges. Some of the challenges stemmed from the newness … Read more

Staying Legal

Most people come to Guatemala as tourists and stay here as tourists. Guatemala automatically grants a three-month stay to many visitors, including citizens of the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, the EU, and Australia. But what if you’re staying longer than three months? How do you keep your immigration status legal? You have three options: Request … Read more