A Guitar Picker Picks No Pick

Today’s guest post is from Marco Solo, guitarist and lifelong musician. Guitarists are notorious amongst musicians for obsessing about ridiculously small details of their craft. That being said, I have recently changed my style of playing, leaving my old flat picks behind in favor of finger-style playing. To me, this is huge; although to the…

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Our Quest for the Perfect Travel Guitar

In 2013 we were preparing for a trip to several destinations in the U.S. Mark didn’t want to haul his vintage Martin around, so we began our quest for the perfect travel guitar. We looked at every possible YouTube video showing travel guitars. We read reviews and comparisons. We began to think that, with the…


Santa Baby!

We don’t do many holiday songs, but Santa Baby has earned its place in our playlist. I love that it’s December and we can perform it again. We recorded this in our living room on Christmas day last year. No fancy equipment: just a computer, a guitar, and us. What are your favorite holiday songs?


Gigs Can’t All Be Gems

“The grim reaper may be a little over the top, honey.” That was Mark’s response when I showed him the graphic for this piece. “After all, gigs can’t all be gems.” That’s what he always says after an off night. We usually put on a pretty good show. We love what we do and it comes…

Life in Guatemala | Music

We Keep on Singing

Performing at a restaurant that is open to the street can have its challenges. Sometimes a loud vehicle or music blasting from a tuk tuk drowns us out. Dogs come in off the street begging at the tables, and I’ve seen patrons jump up yelping as they feel a dog run under the table and past their…


Singing on the Santander

Late September is pretty quiet for tourism around Lake Atitlan. Then, sometime in October, it’s like a magic switch is flipped, and the restaurants and clubs get busy again. Today was the day the switch flipped. Our restaurant gig was pretty sleepy the past couple weeks. Last week we only played one set per night because…