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Sabzi (Afghan Spinach – Vegan)

This is a companion post to the Qabuli Palao recipe. While my assignment for my Plant-Based Chef Professional Certification program was a rice and lentil dish, I wanted lots of greens to go with the Qabuli Palao. Sabzi is a popular Afghan stewed spinach dish with bold flavors that are a wonderful match with the Qabuli…

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Cranberry Orange Sauce

This year at Thanksgiving, the unthinkable happened: there were no fresh cranberries to be had. Apparently cranberries just didn’t make it to Guatemala this year, so my grandmother’s Cherried Cranberry recipe was off the table (so to speak). I couldn’t stand the idea of canned cranberries, so I bought a small bag of dried cranberries and…

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Grandma’s Cherried Cranberries

This coming week we celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. Though I have lived in Guatemala for the past five Thanksgivings, I still celebrate by making a feast for my family and guests. Though vegan menus are somewhat different from the Thanksgiving meals of my childhood, one dish remains constant: Grandma’s Cherried Cranberries. When I was young,…