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Vegan Blue Cheese Dressing

It’s COVID-19 time and we’ve been staying at home for almost six weeks. I’ve been cooking almost every day. In fact, in six weeks we’ve ordered take-out meals exactly twice. All this time at home has me making dishes I haven’t made in years and trying some dishes I’ve never made before. That’s the case…

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Avocado Slaw

Coleslaw is easy to make and can take a variety of forms based on the dressing. This version features my Creamy Avocado Dressing mixed with finely shredded cabbage and carrots. It’s the perfect companion to a Mexican or traditional Guatemalan entrée. This dressing keeps well in the refrigerator for a day or two. If you…

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Creamy Avocado Dressing (vegan)

This simple Creamy Avocado Dressing is one of our favorites. The creaminess comes entirely from avocados and non-dairy milk: refined oils need not apply. It’s wonderful on green salad, coleslaw, or with our Tropical Vegetable Salad. It also makes a great topping for Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers. Or you can just sit and eat it…

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Quinoa Garbanzo Salad

I had some leftover garbanzos after making Moroccan Eggplant Garbanzo Stew, and wanted to make something besides hummus. As I looked through my lunch recipes, it hit me that I could use the garbanzos to amp up my quinoa salad. This satisfying Quinoa Garbanzo Salad was the result: it’s both vegan and gluten-free. When I…

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Wilted Cucumber Salad

When I first became vegetarian in the 1970s, one of my favorite cookbooks was the Moosewood Cookbook. When it’s younger sibling, The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, came out, I wanted to love it. But love never blossomed between us and I gave away my copy years ago. Recently, though, a friend introduced me to a recipe…

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Quinoa Salad

When I travelled to Peru, finding vegan food was a challenge. Fortunately, my guide’s wife understood and made me a delicious quinoa salad several times during my visit. This is my adaptation based on what I remembered from my travels. It’s one of my favorite lunches.