Fuentes Georginas

One of our favorite Guatemala getaways is to Fuentes Georginas. We used to take guests on overnight trips there, and we probably will again when a new road from Santiago Atitlan is finished, making the trip shorter. It takes about about 2 1/2 hours from Panajachel or 3 1/2 from Lake Villa Guatemala. Many people make it a day trip, but we like to spend the night in their rustic bungalows.

We often go to Xela first, stopping to pick up firewood and food. They give you wood in the bungalows, but it’s wet and unburnable. While the on-site restaurant has a few vegan options, we like to pick  up dinner from Sabor de la India and bring it with us.

zunil 300From Xela we head to the town of Zunil and past the beautiful farms that cover the hillsides. Puffs of steam from the hot springs billow from the canyons  as you ascend into the cloud forest.

The natural hot spring pools are surrounded by trees and birds in the crisp mountain air. As night falls, we often have the pools to ourselves. The nice thing about staying there is that the pools are available for unlimited use at any time.

A word of warning: Sundays are very busy at Fuentes Georginas, as people come from near and far to enjoy the thermal pools. Holidays are also crazy busy. I made the mistake of going once during Christmas week, and there were hundreds of people, even in the more remote pools. You won’t see me trying to go during Christmas holidays, Semana Santa, or any holiday weekend.

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  1. Hello,

    Your post made me decide to go this Friday !
    Do you have a recommandation for the bungalows as I’m definitely staying overnight 🙂
    Thank you.


    1. Before you go you might want to call to see how warm the water is. The last time I went, at the beginning of the year, the water wasn’t very hot.

      They now have some bungalows closer to the entrance that, I’m told, are fancier than the others. All of the bungalows along the path the main pools are equivalent, so we’ve always asked for one closest to the main pools.

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