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SSL and Choosing a Web Hosting Company

I have five websites, including this blog. If you have your own website, you’ve probably seen that Google is really pushing secure sites: they’re now penalizing insecure sites in search results. To have a secure website, you need to install an SSL certificate. I needed to secure all of my sites, but my previous hosting company, HostGator, made it difficult and expensive. I’ve never been thrilled with HostGator’s service and I wasn’t happy with the speed of my websites, so I started looking around for a different web hosting company. Am I glad I did!

Doing My Homework

I looked at several hosting company comparison sites. There are many comparison sites and a ton of information available on how to choose a hosting company. I won’t go into that: I’ll just share my experience.

I was looking for fast servers, good WordPress support with SSL included, and a reasonable price. I talked with three different highly-rated companies to see what they could offer me. What amazed me was that only one of the companies, SiteGround, asked me what kind of websites I have and how much traffic they get. SiteGround’s sales rep was thorough and friendly. SiteGround offers fast servers, includes SSL for WordPress sites at no additional charge, and they moved my sites from HostGator to their servers for free. All that, and I’m paying less than I did before.

SiteGround Made It Easy!

Based on past experience, I thought moving my sites to a new hosting company would be a pain in the arse. It turned out to be incredibly easy: SiteGround did it all for me.

I’ve contacted customer support a couple times and the response has been fast and complete. I’ve used several different hosting companies over the years, but I’ve never experienced service like this before.

Implementing SSL was easy too. I had a few little things to fix on two of my sites, but with the help of a great WordPress plugin, Really Simple SSL, I had SSL activated on all my sites in one afternoon.

The bottom line: I highly recommend SiteGround!

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