Vegan nachos at Forever Vegano

The Vegan Traveler: Mexico City

Mexico City is huge, and we had only three days to explore. We stayed in the Centro Historico (at a  great vegan-friendly B&B, Chillout Flat.) Most of the vegan-friendly restaurants are in the Condesa and Roma areas, which was a pretty easy taxi ride.

We loved Mexico City. After visiting places with large ex-pat communities,  it was nice to be away from ex-pats for a while. Here are the places we ate. A couple were great and one was…awful.

Forever Vegano

We loved this place. It wasn’t the best vegan Reuben or nachos I’ve had, but it was close. Compared with most of our meals in Mexico, I was in heaven the entire time we were here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Por Siempre Vegana

This is an amazing vegan version of the Mexican street cart experience. I think I’d have to come back at least a couple more times to really understand what I was getting. It was great, though, and worth the trip to find it. Great prices. Good desserts.

Los Vegetarianos

Located in the Centro Historico, near the Zocalo, we walked by a couple times before deciding there weren’t many options around. Well, at least there were vegan choices. We were really hungry when we got here, and the food was still just barely average.

Restaurante Vegetariano

It’s restaurants like this that give vegetarian a bad name. The food was beyond boring. Tasteless. Not good. The only advantage was knowing I wouldn’t get meat on my plate. Yuk.

We also looked at India Town, which is vegetarian. Almost everything had cheese or butter, and the chef offered no vegan options. We didn’t eat there.

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