We Keep on Singing

Performing at a restaurant that is open to the street can have its challenges. Sometimes a loud vehicle or music blasting from a tuk tuk drowns us out. Dogs come in off the street begging at the tables, and I’ve seen patrons jump up yelping as they feel a dog run under the table and past their legs.

Usually that’s the worst of it, but tonight was different. Tonight the winning party of Guatemala’s presidential election was celebrating. There’s nothing quite like being in the middle of a song and having rounds of firecrackers or explosive booms go off next door. Over and over, the booms were loud enough to have us jumping out of our chairs, yet we kept on singing.

The blasts started the dogs barking, yet we kept on singing. Patrons were plugging their ears, yet we kept on singing. Guatemala just elected a comedian with no political experience, whose entire platform was “not corrupt nor a thief,” as president. Yet we’ll keep singing.


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